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Repairs to gas lines and restarting appliances

  • Damaged pipe will be replaced with new
  • Any fittings that were broken will be replaced with new
  • The pipe will be properly supported and identified with yellow paint or tape as per the B-149 gas code book
  • The system will be pressure tested with nitrogen gas for a specific pressure and duration, depending upon the size of pipe and length of pipe
  • Once the system is proven to be pressure "tight" the nitrogen pressure will be released to the atmosphere
  • The gas will be turned back on at the meter and an "approved" purge burner will be used to purge natural gas at the furthest point from the meter under constant supervision by a licensed gas fitter
  • Each appliance on the supply line will be restarted and operating gas pressure tested for proper pressure according to the appliance nameplate
  • The gas fitter will "sign off" that the repair has been properly completed and tested and affix a test tag to the pipe work including his name, company, duration of the test, test pressure, length of pipe, date of the test, address of the test and his gas fitter license number


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