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Your Roof Top Heating Is Safety Checked At Lease Twice Per Season Under Our Planned Maintenance Inspections. For Those Customers Who Have Heard The Terms “Cracked Heat Exchanger”… The Following Explanation Will Describe The Seriousness Of The Defect.

When A Fuel Such As Natuaral Gas, Propane Or Oil Is Burned There Are Two Major By-Products, Heat And Toxic Fumes

The Heat Produced Is To Stay In The Building And The Toxic Fumes Are To Be Vented To The Atmosphere. The Heat Exchanger Is Where The Burning Of The Fuel Takes Place And It Separates The Heat From The Toxic Fumes. Cracks Or Holes In The Heat Exchanger Can Affect The Ignition Of The Fuel, The Efficiency Of The Burning Process And Allows Toxic Fumes To Enter The Air Stream And Circulate Throughout The Ducted System. Small Concentrations Of These Fumes Can Result In Headaches And Nausea. Large Quantities Result In Unconsciousness, Respiratory Failure And Death.

It Is By Law And For Your Safety That We Inspect For Cracks And Holes And It Is For Your Safety That We, By Law Disconnect Your Appliance Until Repairs Or Replacement Are Effected.

Cracks In Heat Exchangers Can Occur At Any Time The Appliance Is In Use And Results From The Expansion And Contraction Of The Metal With Constant Heating And Cooling (Metal Fatigue)

Corrosion Of A Heat Exchanger Or Rusting Out, Results In Holes Caused By Any One Or Combination Of Factors Such As Moisture, Chemical Vapours In The Air Which Produce An Acid When Burned Or From A Carbonizing Flame Due To Improper Burner Adjustment

Replacement Heat Exchangers Will Be Supplied By The Manufacturer Within The Extended Warranty Period (Labour And Accessories Will Be Charged Extra If The Original One (1) Year Warranty Has Elapsed). The Extended Warranty Will Range From 5 To 10 Years Depending Upon The Manufacturer. Some furnace manufacturers now offer a 20 year or lifetime warranty on heat exchangers.

Heat Exchangers That Have Rusted Out Will Void The Manufacturers Warranty As The Cause Is No Fault Of The Manufacturer. You, The Customer Wouild Be Required To Pay For Parts And Labour In This Case.

Should You Have Any Further Questions, Please Do Not Hesitate To Contact our Office.


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